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Your security guard duties could vary greatly based upon the type of company or organization that you find employment with.

Are you interested in a career as a security guard? This rewarding career choice can allow you to work for a large range of companies and provide you with as much job security as you provide security to those you are tasked with protecting. Your security guard duties could vary greatly based upon the type of company or organization that you find employment with.

Let’s take a look at some of the duties that you could expect to perform while on the job.

Deterring Criminal Activity

First and foremost, your primary duty will be to deter criminal activity on the premises that you are tasked with patrolling. This could include ensuring that all windows, gates, and doors are secured at all hours of the day and night. And it could also include keeping a close eye on security monitors that are recording activity within a retail facility or a corporate building. You may need to circulate amongst those visiting the premises; especially in large retail settings in order to closely keep an eye on those who may be suspected of shoplifting or otherwise damaging company property.

Your duty is to be the company’s first line of defense against criminal activity. As a part of this duty, you may also need to warn those who are guilty of infractions and you may also need to evict them from the property.

Investigate Alarms

When alarms are set off in the building, it will be a part of your security guard duties to investigate the cause of the alarms going off. If it is determined that someone is trying to break in or there is a fire in the building, it will be up to you to alert the fire department or the police. You will also be tasked with helping to safely guide people off of the premises in case of a fire or other type of emergency.

Patrolling The Grounds

As a part of deterring criminal activity, you will likely need to patrol both commercial and industrial premises. You may even find yourself working for a university or public school system, which will also require patrolling the grounds in order to detect any obvious or subtle signs of mischief or even intrusion attempts.

Monitoring Activity

One of the security guard duties that you may be tasked with could include monitoring the activity of those who enter and leave the building. From visitors, employees, couriers, and more; it’ll be up to you to verify their credentials and ensure that they comply with the rules of the building which, in some cases, could include walking through a metal detector. Unauthorized individuals or those who don’t sign out of the building when they leave will be your responsibility to handle in an effective manner.

Operate Machinery

Some of the security guard duties that you could face may include learning how to operate job-related machinery. From metal detectors to x-ray machines and even complex computer systems for programming access keys and cards, there are a range of security-related machines that are all an essential part of protecting the security of a corporation, and industrial site, or a school. You will also likely need to learn how to operate the security camera systems and the alarm systems in order to keep the premises as safe as is possible. As a part of learning how to effectively use this equipment, you will also need to be able to quickly identify any abnormalities or malfunctions.

Providing Direction

Security guards are often tasked with providing direction to those who are lost upon entering the premises. Providing information and direction to individuals is likely to become a key part of your guard duties. You may also need to provide over the phone instructions and take messages, especially during non-business hours.

Paperwork And Reports

Your security guard duties could include keeping track of paperwork and other reports that are required by the business or the school district. From daily activity reports to reports about property damage, equipment theft, or any other out-of-the-norm occurrences; it’ll be your responsibility to provide clear and concise information when needed.

Personal Protection
Some security guard duties include providing personal protection to those who require it. You may be required to drive an individual to a specified location, or you may be required to protect them from physical harm. Many celebrities and high-level politicians hire security guards to protect their homes, their businesses, and to protect them.

There are many types of security guards, including those who drive armored cars between designated locations and those who work in a law enforcement setting. Your security guard duties will vary greatly between companies and even school districts if you find yourself working as a school security guard. One thing remains constant, however. There is always going to be a need for highly trained competent security personnel.